8 Tips on Hiring Exception Salon Employees

The people you hire into your salon are critical to the success of it and to the vision you had when you started.

The people you hire into your salon are critical to the success of it and to the vision you had when you started. 

The goal is always for your business to impact more customers by getting work done through a team who are dedicated and passionate.And if it all goes well, the dream is to increase your revenue and gain back some time to do other things that are meaningful to you.

The problem is, most say that finding good staff is difficult. I’ve spoken to many salon owners who admit they’ve been notoriously bad at hiring because they: 

  • were desperate so they settled for a person and hoped for the best;
  • overlooked things or were too optimistic and saw things in people that weren't there;
  • liked the person well enough to give them a chance; or
  • didn't know what to look for or how to interview properly.

I want to help you feel more confident in your hiring process. Here are 8 tips to consider when you’ve made the decision to bring someone into your business.

1. Define the result you want from the role that you’re hiring (not the person).

What is the position going to achieve for the business?

Think about your motivation for wanting a new employee. Do you need more revenue? More time off the floor? Someone to deal with admin overflow?

2. What attributes will a person need to thrive working with you?

What suits your business?

Think about your culture, the vibe and the environment. Think about the gaps in your business. What are you good at, what do you enjoy, what things get left behind? Is there room in this role to take on some tasks that you don’t enjoy or aren’t good at?

3. What skills and experience does the role require?

This is sometimes where people start. However, in my opinion, whoever you hire should be based more on tips 1 & 2.

Do you have time to train people? Or do you want someone who has experience already?

4. What does it mean to work for you?

Think about what’s in it for them.

What will they gain? How do you position yourself in your business? What are your specific expectations of the role? Get clear on how people can be successful and grow in your business.

5. Specifically design interview questions.

Think about what your questions reveal and if their answers match the job you’re offering.

What would an ideal candidate say? What attributes and skills will they demonstrate? (See my tips to design interview questions >here<)

6. Talk less than they do!

Some candidates are naturally great at building rapport. But you need to maintain the concentration on them answering your questions.

If you contribute too much, before you know it they’re showing huge interest in what you have to say and you’ll easily convince yourself they’re amazing. 

7. Rescheduling Interviews

Simply - don’t do it!

Someone who is truly committed would not cancel or move an interview for a job they feel they’re deserving of.

8. Hire Slow

Take your time finding the right person.

If you aren’t sure, schedule further interviews, skill assessments or incorporate a paid trial period so that you can gain a better insight about if they’ll work in your business.

With any successful salon, growth is an inevitable step for most. I hope these tips help so that when you next decide to hire, you’re able to be intentional and thoughtful about what a person needs to bring to your business and set yourself up for success.

Designing a hiring process to find great team members, keeping them, and repeating consistently is the key to growing your business quickly.

- Trina Carter

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Sending positive business vibes your way, always,

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The people you hire into your salon are critical to the success of it and to the vision you had when you started.

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